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Seasons – Women’s Health and Aesthetics is a small clinic which focuses on providing high quality care in a personalized atmosphere. We strive to empower patients with enough knowledge to take great care of their whole being so that they can truly be, feel and look the best that they can be.  The name “Seasons” was chosen to reflect the focus of meeting the needs of women throughout the seasons of their lives.

Dr. Yamaki has two experienced and caring Advance Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) who work very closely with her.  Because Dr. Yamaki is often doing surgery at the hospital, this allows her the flexibility of always having a Provider in the office and the ability to handle many of our patient’s needs more effectively.  Being small ensures quality and continuity of care are always maintained.  Dr. Yamaki also has an aesthetician and a RN who also work closely with her.  With state of the art equipment and products, they are able to provide cosmetic services to our patients who want to use proven medical technologies to look their best.

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