Platelet Rich Plasma for Aesthetics

Platelet Rich Plasma is a popular procedure used for anti-aging and other aesthetic treatments. PRP utilizes blood rich with platelets to stimulate stem cells which will grow new tissue. The result is new, younger looking skin. This procedure is extremely effective for rejuvenating the face and activating collagen to create new cells. Many people choose to use additional aesthetic treatments in combination with PRP such as fillers for new, younger looking skin. It can be used for wrinkles, sun damage, scars, acne, and more. It can also be a very effective treatment for hair re-growth.

How does it work?
You will get a small amount of blood drawn from your arm. This blood is placed in a centrifuge and a plasma serum rich in platelets is formed. This serum is injected back onto the tissues to rejuvenate and stimulate growth of collagen or hair. The end result will be a more youthful appearance.

Patients typically receive a series of treatments (3-6) depending on amount of correction needed.

How can PRP be combined with other treatments?

Platelet Rich Plasma can be a treatment on its own, or can be combined with a variety of other procedures at Seasons including:

  • PRP and Microneedling to allow the plasma to enter deeper into the skin and increase effectiveness.
  • PRP and Fillers to provide hydration and volume to the face. This can improve texture, tightness and quality of the skin.